What others say…

Before working with Dr. Ashley, I would get anxious leading into and at big events. Come event time, I didn’t believe in myself or my preparation and would try too hard. This lead to disappointment and not looking forward to championship events.  After Brain Training, I felt focused and confident for World Championships. Come race day, I was confident, excited, and a little nervous, but not too anxious– so it was awesome! Thank you again for your help and mental preparation you gave me. Come race day, I was totally solid and believed in myself. It was a cool feeling! –Alison Powers, Professional cyclist & first American rider to simultaneously be National Champion in all three disciplines of road cycling-Criterium, Road & Time Trial

“Before working with Dr. Dorough (Stewart) I had not considered how I could really improve my training and racing performance through any means other than nutrition and targeted workouts. I knew that mental toughness was credited by many to be the difference, but this is something different. With the HRV training, I am able to calm my body when I can tell I am over-excited both before a race and at night when settling down to sleep, letting me preserve my energy and recover. In combination with the neurotraining, I can calm both my body and my busy mind into a focus that I had only rarely and accidentally experienced before. I can become focused and aware not churning distracting thoughts. I can visualize what I need to do before a race and hold it throughout. Even during hard interval efforts outside of a race it has helped me to push through and attain my goals. My race results? I went from being a solid mid-pack racer to regularly winning my age group in sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and breaking my 5k PR by nearly 2 minutes. It isn’t the only part of my training that got me there, but it is the piece that made the rest possible.” — Triathlete, age 34

“Participating in Neurofeedback training with Dr. Dorough (Stewart) has been an extremely worthwhile experience.  The training provided me with a powerful set of tools which I use every day to help manage my brain. I’ve been able to not only break from my unhealthy patterns but simultaneously develop healthy ones. Most of all – I finally feel free to accomplish all of the extraordinary things I think up!”  — Student, age  24

“I am writing as a family member of one of Dr. Dorough’s clients.  We witnessed a huge, lasting transformation that occurred in the context of regular neurofeedback appointments.  Studies confirm what we have seen first-hand:  Neurofeedback is not only EFFECTIVE for ADHD (and many other issues); the results are PERMANENT.  In other words, you get your brain moving in a healthy direction and after a certain point it will keep doing so on its own, rather like teaching someone to swim, or ride a bike.  Dr. Dorough emphasizes the positive, does not invite us to dwell on the past, and offers a self-empowering tool for lasting change.  I recommend her without reservation.”  — A Family  Member

 “…the sessions I spent with you have truly changed my life. And, weekly meetings sure did a good job of keeping myself in check. I have never opened up to a doctor the way I was able to with you and that was a big part of my success with this lifelong process (of managing hypertension)…”  — Sales Professional, age 26

“I feel I had tremendous success with you, Dr S. I learned so much about regulation of the body and the mind!! Excellent strategies and techniques– I have so  much gratitude for my sessions with you. I really believe I grew in so many ways!”  — Bookkeeper, age 45

“After years of my weight yo-yo’ing from various weight loss programs, losing and then gaining back hundreds of pounds, l opted for bariatric surgery.  I knew my relationship with food and its related effects went deeper than just overeating.  Realizing the follow-up of my physicians, nutritionists and support groups was just not enough, I knew I had to seek psychological therapy. After interviewing a number of therapists, I was drawn to a number of things that made Dr D stand out. She responded quickly and enthusiastically to my inquiries and her extensive training includes Duke University’s Weight Management program, a renowned and forerunner in the study of obesity related issues.  But what really made her stand out to me was her expertise with neuro and bio feedback in combination with traditional therapy.  After our initial conversation, I did a bit of research and knew immediately this was the therapy for me. I am really impressed with the results I have seen in both my brain and body.   I have experienced significant improvements in my mood, patience issues and calmness, as well as decreases in my resting heart rate and blood pressure through her biofeedback sessions.  Most of all, I have been impressed with Ashley herself, she is attentive and caring. I have found her very adaptive and receptive to any issues I bring to her.  The minute I enter into an appointment, I feel confident that I am working towards the happiness and normalcy I deserve in my life. Dr D has provided me with hope, and that with her help, I can break the self-destructive ways of my past.”  — Husband, Father, age 54